Made to Measure and Bespoke Wedding Dresses

Timeless craftsmanship and modern design meet in a collection that blurs the line between fashion and bridal.

We believe your dress should be intrinsically connected to you. Once you identify with a design, we use this inspiration to create a bridal dress that embodies your distinctive style.

We take each bride on an intimate journey, meticulously designing and crafting a bespoke bridal dress in which you feel completely yourself.

Bridal Experience

The process begins with a relaxed consultation at our bridal house, where we’ll assemble the styles and fabrics that represent you and the story you want to tell with your bridal dress.

“As a brand Ingrid has always had a focus on precision and meticulous craftsmanship. I’m interested in creating post-modern, structured silhouettes, executed through traditional couture techniques.”

  1. An English Country Wedding in Royal Blue

    This beautiful gown was crafted as a collaboration between ourselves and the bride. Our bride Lianne is an artist and has a strong affiliation to ...
  2. A Modern Take on a Veil

    Hannah approached us with the desire to create a bespoke wedding dress that was built up of layers, she felt that she would like the design to cons...
  3. A Tokyo Wedding

    This Ingrid Bride wore her Agnes Bridal Gown classically, matching the opulence of her stunning wedding location in Tokyo. 
  4. A Classical Bride in Japan

    In an etherial and poetic location in Japan, this beautiful bride wore our Ingrid Bridal Gown dressed with a dramatic circular veil. The styling of...

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