A bespoke bridal gown for an Island Wedding

We created this semi bespoke Agnes Bridal Gown with our bride Ellie from afar. With Ellie being based in New York and ourselves in Sheffield, England we went through the same steps of making a semi bespoke wedding dress as we would in person. 

When Ellie first approached us she told us about her plans for her wedding in the Dominican Republic and how she was looking for a gown to be suited to a hot climate. She decided that the Agnes Gown from our made to measure bridal collection was the style of dress that she was looking for, but felt she would like to see a selection of light-weight fabric options to suit the style of the wedding that the couple were planning. 

After we received Ellies measurements we went about making her toile (a mock up of the design made in a cotton calico fabric) and sourced a selection of fabrics based on the conversations we had had together which we sent out to her home in New York. 

From this point on we continued to have conversations in regards to the fit of the dress, discussing the alterations that were needed and we talked through the fabric samples to help Ellie decide what would best suit the look that she was after. 

Ellie decided to only alter the fabric of the sleeves to a lighter-weight silk Organza as she loved the heavy weight of the Duchess Satin and how it draped for the main body of the dress. This beautiful organza offered a semi-sheer look to the sleeves and made the dress more suited to the warm climate. The organza was a slightly deeper tone of ivory to the body of the dress, giving a beautiful two toned effect to the gown.

Ellie was a wonderful bride to work with in creating this bridal gown, we loved altering this Ingrid Bridal classic to suit this beautiful brides style and location.