About Ingrid Bridal

Katie Barclay launched Ingrid’s bridal brand in reaction to the traditional landscape of the bridal industry and alongside this the development of the brands starting point, Ingrid Studio.

‘The fashion industry is such a part of our everyday lives. When we wake up in the morning we make active choices about how we choose to represent ourselves and our personalities by the way we dress. When it comes to our wedding day, however, the industry can be overly pre-prescribed in its offerings. I wanted to build a bridal brand that was more connected to our everyday self expression.’ 

“As a brand Ingrid has always had a focus on precision and meticulous craftsmanship. I’m interested in creating post-modern, structured silhouettes, executed through traditional couture techniques.”


Ingrid Studio began in 2017 with a focus on building collections based on the women’s shirt and allowed us to explore our love of tailoring. We sold these collections across Japan. As the collection developed, we started to sell bespoke and made to measure shirts. We explored how shirts could live in other forms and the scale of these forms grew until we were experimenting with how shirts could live in evening wear and bridal.

This timed with Katie's own wedding and the frustration she felt with not finding the bridal shopping experience quite as enjoyable as she had hoped.

'We launched Ingrid’s bridal brand as an antidote to this feeling. To build a collection that questioned the relationship between the fashion industry and the landscape of the bridal industry.’

Since then, Ingrid’s bespoke, made to measure bridal collections have been written about in publications such as British Vogue, Vogue France and Wallpaper Magazine.

The Ingrid team now work from an atelier and Bridal House in Sheffield. Here, all of the Ingrid Bridal dresses are handmade by skilled craftspeople with exceptional attention to detail.

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