An English Country Wedding in Royal Blue

This beautiful gown was crafted as a collaboration between ourselves and the bride. Our bride Lianne is an artist and has a strong affiliation to a particular colour palette that she uses within her work. Lianne approached us with a love for the Agnes Bridal Gown but felt that she wanted to make the gown her own by having us source a heavy weighted silk within the colour palette that she embodies within her work.

We work with a selection of wonderful textile designers from around the world and found a collection of silks from a designer based in Lake Como, Italy that included tones of blues and yellows that we felt reflected the tones used in Lianne's paintings. The materiality also had a beautiful weight and one that we thought would give body to the sleeves much like the Duchess Satin that we used in the collection.

Lianne decided to have her wedding dress made in a royal blue satin and chose to have the hem of the dress shortened slightly to hover equally above the ground all the way around the circumference of the gown.

We think the Agnes Gown looks beautiful in this colour and it was a pleasure to work on this semi-bespoke gown with Lianne.