A Modern Take on a Veil

Hannah approached us with the desire to create a bespoke wedding dress that was built up of layers, she felt that she would like the design to consist of a skirt and top with a sheer overlay, creating the effect of a veil.

We started this process by discussing the pieces in the Ingrid Bridal Collection to see what gowns had features that she would like to be incorporated when we were designing her bespoke gown. Following on from this we sent Hannah a selection of sketches that we felt reflected the conversations that we had had in regards to Hannah's style. Hannah felt that the cut of an A-line top that sat off the shoulders would compliment her shape and we decided to pair this with a bias cut skirt that would sit slightly fitted to her hips to compliment the fuller shape of the top. 

We started by creating a tailored and graphic top with a strong focus on achieving a beautiful and considered fit. This piece was made in a Duchess Satin to give the shape structure and form. The sleeves were finished with subtle zip details at each cuff and the bodice with a small button detail at the back. We made the skirt in a heavy weight satin backed silk crepe which draped beautifully, working to match the tone of the fabrics to compliment one another.

The top layer to Hannah's gown was made out of a specially woven fabric from a textile designer based in Italy. We sourced a selection of fabrics based on the idea of finding a sheer material with a modern and individual weave. The cut of the piece consisted of a full circle pattern, tailored at the shoulders to reflect the shape of the under-layer, covering the arms and billowing out when the arm was extended, much like a veil would. We edged the piece with strips of the self fabric, bonded to the inside, allowing us to leave the edges raw, ensuring a truly modern finish.